Our Community Care Efforts

Helping Local Moms

Due to an alleged sexual assault of a child, a single mom and her children were displaced from a friend’s residence. Officers placed the family in a motel pending help from CSP. 

A woman shopping in a local pharmacy could not afford to purchase baby food and formula. Officer Meyer purchased the items for the mother.

Cops & Kids Shopping Spree

This year’s annual Cops & Kids was a success even if they were not able to meet in person with the kids and their families. Over 20 kids were presented with gift cards to use for their Christmas shopping.

RPDF Received A Grant From Three Rivers Community Foundation

The Foundation received a grant from The Three Rivers Community Foundation (3RCF). 250 Family PPE kits and 474 Individual PPE kits were made to be passed out to our community. In addition 200 cloth masks were purchased for RPD Officers. Thank you 3RCF for your generous donation and commitment to community safety.

Rent Payment, Food & Supplies

Officer Jansen assisted a person with rent payments. The person was from out of state and had health problems. 

Officer Jansen provided a gift card, food and supplies to a woman who could not afford to purchase necessary items for herself and her children.

Officer Herrera & The Richland Police Department Foundation to the Rescue!

After learning a young Richland resident had their bike stolen, Officer Herrera was going to replace the bike with his own money. However, thanks to the Richland Police Department Foundation he was able to use the community care fund. Even better, our friends at Fred Meyer caught wind of the good deed and helped out with some of the cost on the bike as well. Thank you to our community partners for always being willing to help out!

Snow Cones, Bike Theft and Ice Cream

On a hot afternoon Officers Peck and Koe treated a group of kids to snow cones. Everyone enjoyed a few minutes of fun and cooling off in the heat. 

Officers Jansen and Herrera responded to the theft of a bike. While speaking with the young boy and his mother they realized the family did not have enough money to replace the bike. Later the officers took time to purchase a new bike and delivered it to his home.

Officer Jansen met a man and his sons at a local ice cream shop. The father had a tragic accident with a chain saw and lost some fingers. Officer Jansen visited with the family and bought the children some ice cream. 

Cops & Kids Shopping Spree

This year’s annual Cops & Kids was a huge success. Officers hosted over 20 kids for a Christmas shopping spree. The officers met the kids and their families at a local store and were able to purchase gifts and essential items.

Gas And Window Repair

Officers responded to a man at a gas station who needed gas but did not have any money. The man was a medical patient and needed gas to get to his doctor’s office.  Officers paid to fill the man’s gas tank and ensured he was in no danger traveling to his doctor’s office.

Officer Miller was dispatched to a car prowl case where the victim’s side window was broken out. The victim recently lost her job due to the COVID-19 pandemic and did not have the funds to replace the window and had to let her insurance lapse.  The vehicle was the only nice thing she owned, and she feared not being able to repair the window would cause further damage from rain and dust. Officer Miller helped locate a local window company willing to make repairs at minimum cost.

Homeless Mother

Officer Peck identified a homeless mom with an eleven-month-old baby. She had no food or diapers for the child. Officer Peck purchased necessary products from a local store and returned to give her the items.

Howard Amon Park

Officers responded to a call at Howard Amon Park regarding a 3-year-old girl who was playing in the river without supervision. While they were investigating the incident a nine-year-old girl approached them and asked if she could help. She was able to calm the child and played with her while the officers continued to search for the mother. Because of her actions she was presented with the City Manager’s Medallion Award and a cash award.

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