Our Mission

To support those who support us and build a safer community with the Richland Police Department and help provide the community with a sense of fellowship and compassion that all citizens can support in order to continue to be safe for future generations.

Our Richland Police Officers are our true everyday heroes!

Often times our police officers are the first responders for a crisis situation. More often than we can ever know, they delve into their personal resources to help victims of:

  • human trafficking
  • domestic violence
  • stranded citizens
  • single parents with children in crisis

How We Do This

We do this by raising funds and volunteering. Some examples include:

Community Care
Continuing Education For Law Enforcement Officers
Supporting New Technology Programs

The funding we collect and provide directly:

improves public safety

impacts officer readiness

enhances our quality of life


Through Fundraising For These Initiatives:

Police Morale



Emergency Assistance

Investing in the RPDF is the safest investment you can make.

Your support will enable our officers to serve at their highest level while protecting our city, our neighborhoods, and our families. Invest in your cities future now!

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