Why We Do This

Being First Responders often means making quick decisions. Through our Community Care Program, we can assure that our Officers are equipped with the proper resources to assist members of our community, often times resulting in quicker and more successful outcomes.

My family has a long history in law enforcement beginning in 1957 and continuing to this day. I know the challenges police officers face every day, the many sacrifices they make, and I admire their dedication and sense of duty. This “family connection” to law enforcement led me to join the Richland Police Department Foundation in their efforts to help our police officers better serve the community. There is so much negative publicity surrounding our nation’s police agencies, but we rarely see the positive things they do for their communities. Our police officers are no different. They perform their law enforcement duties, but they also serve the community through amazing programs reaching out to those less fortunate who struggle day to day. I believe we all have a duty as citizens to support our police officers in making Richland a safer and better city – serving our community, our friends and our neighborhoods.

Mary Dover

President, RPDF Board

It takes a truly selfless individual to serve and protect our communities. I cannot think of a better way to give back than to help promote the men and women that make Richland a safe area to raise my family in.

Stevie Pina

Secretary, RPDF Board

The RPDF is important for me personally because I’ve lived in Richland for 29 years. It has been wonderful and I want to give back to the community that has given so much to me and my family. My husband Rajiv Malhan and myself have raised our three children here and have our businesses here and we feel its a great place to live.

Monica Malhan

Treasurer, RPDF Board

Having volunteered for several years for the Richland Police Department as one of the VIPS, I have seen firsthand what the police officers do everyday in the community. I cannot think of a better way to both help and honor them than to serve on this board. Serving will also give me a chance to give back to the community.
Pam Archer

Member, RPDF Board

I have so much respect for the men and women that serve and protect the community, I feel that it is my duty, as a citizen, to support and volunteer for these brave people. Not only that, volunteering is just the right thing to do.
Laurie Church

Member, RPDF Board

My father always told me that I should seize the opportunity to help others, with no expectations of being recognized for deeds done. So, I felt that being on the board was a perfect way to honor my father and fulfill his sound advice.

Don Currie

Board Member, RPDF Board

Knowing that there is often an immediate community need which our officers are in a unique position to provide, I joined the foundation with the goal of providing financial and moral support to our officers. In the past officers have used their own money to purchase food, fuel, a coat for a child, a place to sleep for the night, or a car seat.
Carol Currie

Board Member, RPDF Board

How You Can Help?


We need volunteers to help with events, outreach and serve on sub-committees to help further our initiatives.

Financial Support

Please support our community and give a tax deductible donation to the Richland Police Department Foundation


Are you a local business interested in giving back? Sponsor events like the Annual BBQ and Annual Banquet.