Why We Do This

Richland is a wonderfully unique community and we as an organization volunteer time and money to help support community care. Because crime is advancing so rapidly, we feel it’s important to support our Richland Police Department and help bridge the gap for funding needs including technology equipment and other resources that help further the initiatives of the Richland Police Department.

To invest in our community to leave a legacy by supporting public safety, education, social services, and fostering healthy relationships between members of our RPD and the community they serve. With support, the Foundation can assist the RPD to reduce crime and enhance public trust through community/youth outreach programs that foster healthy relationships within our community.

Karen Buchanan

President, RPDF Board

The RPDF is important for me personally because I’ve lived in Richland for 29 years. It has been wonderful and I want to give back to the community that has given so much to me and my family. My husband Rajiv Malhan and myself have raised our three children here and have our businesses here and we feel its a great place to live.

Monica Malhan

Vice President, RPDF Board

Richland is a community we can be proud of, largely in part to RPD who work hard to keep crime low and residents safe. Our support, whether it be a financial contribution to RPDF, a watchful eye out for crime, or a handshake to say “I appreciate all you do”, is essential to keeping our small town spirit that we all love.

Jackie Valentino

Secretary, RPDF Board

My family has a long history in law enforcement beginning in 1957 and continuing to this day. I know the challenges police officers face every day, the many sacrifices they make, and I admire their dedication and sense of duty. This “family connection” to law enforcement led me to join the Richland Police Department Foundation in their efforts to help our police officers better serve the community. There is so much negative publicity surrounding our nation’s police agencies, but we rarely see the positive things they do for their communities. Our police officers are no different. They perform their law enforcement duties, but they also serve the community through amazing programs reaching out to those less fortunate who struggle day to day. I believe we all have a duty as citizens to support our police officers in making Richland a safer and better city – serving our community, our friends and our neighborhoods.

Mary Dover

Member, RPDF Board

Having lived in Richland for 50 years I have seen the Richland Police Department grow into an outstanding law enforcement service providing effective and efficient service to all elements of the community. The staff of well trained personnel continues to meet the demands required by today’s ever changing law enforcement needs which help make Richland a safe and secure place to live.

Ray Kofoed

Board Member, RPDF Board

As a local business owner and resident, I feel an obligation to give back to my community. The Richland Police Department Foundation is an organization that serves a need I understand. I feel good about where my donated time and dollars are going, knowing they stay right here to make the city my children grow up in as safe as can be.

Justin Brown

Board Member, RPDF Board

How You Can Help?


We need volunteers to help with events, outreach and serve on sub-committees to help further our initiatives.

Financial Support

Please support our community and give a tax deductible donation to the Richland Police Department Foundation


Are you a local business interested in giving back? Sponsor events like the Annual BBQ and Annual Banquet.