Cops & Kids Shopping Spree

This year’s annual Cops & Kids was a huge success. Officers hosted over 20 kids for a Christmas shopping spree. The officers met the kids and their families at a local store and were able to purchase gifts and essential items.

Gas And Window Repair

Officers responded to a man at a gas station who needed gas but did not have any money. The man was a medical patient and needed gas to get to his doctor’s office.  Officers paid to fill the man’s gas tank and ensured he was in no danger traveling to his doctor’s...

Homeless Mother

Officer Peck identified a homeless mom with an eleven-month-old baby. She had no food or diapers for the child. Officer Peck purchased necessary products from a local store and returned to give her the items.

Howard Amon Park

Officers responded to a call at Howard Amon Park regarding a 3-year-old girl who was playing in the river without supervision. While they were investigating the incident a nine-year-old girl approached them and asked if she could help. She was able to calm the child...

Prescription Paid

A local pharmacy called police when a man attempting to fill a prescription for his severely ill wife became belligerent and hostile when he was told what the drugs would cost. Officers talked with the man and accompanied him to his home to verify that the wife was...